Thursday, September 22, 2005

Missed ya lie!

Brother Kenya and his eagle eyes
Left me no other choice than revise.
Now with hardly a trace
Of egg on my face
I have captured the pullet surprise.

Wow! Thanks to Elisson for selecting my photo caption (in limerick form, of course) as the winner in his recent contest.

The last time I won something was in seventh grade when the prize was The Heritage of the Cleveland Indians record album featuring veteran sportscaster, Jimmy Dudley.


Elisson said...

To write captions is no easy trick:
Your mind must be agile and quick.
You are one step ahead
When from out of your head
Comes a Brilliantly Formed Limerick.

The Limerick Savant said...

You flatter me again. Thanks!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Now that I am over my pouting loss, I will send my heartfelt congrats!

I knew I shudda kept your site a secret...*evil grin*