Saturday, September 17, 2005

The cruelest caption

'Fraid my lastest verse can only be found at Blog D'Elisson in the comments.


Elisson said...

A classic - and it could also be taken to refer to this post.

If so, my riposte would be:

The Limerick Savant complains
That the sight of my friends causes pains.
Those well-dressed drunken guys
Are like pins in his eyes,
Jammed right in to the depth of his brains.

Keith said...

When I die
Please do not cry.
I will leave you riches,
A knife, a fork,
A cabbage stalk,
And a pair of mouldy breeches.

Hmmmm....I think it needs a little more work.

Brother Kenya said...

Only one problem. It's T. S. Eliot who wrote "April is the cruelest month"!

Other than that, nice work lately...


The Limerick Savant said...

Boy, is my face red! Seems the Savant was the one perpetrating the lie. Shame on me for that mistake.

It gave me a chance to do a rewrite. It's more alliterative and, after all, "Eliot" is an anagram of "to lie."

This photo would seem to imply
T.S. Eliot told us a lie:
Twas April, most cruel,
When I learned it in school;
Now the case could be made for July?