Monday, February 27, 2017

The Worth of a Nation

In a world filled with Trumped up decriers,
Alternative facts, and big liars;
Don’t you think it just grand
They can love La La Land
While not being Moonlight deniers?

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Yow! Are we having fun yet?

No question, ’twas destined he’d win it.
As Phineas Barnum might spin it:
In the coming world order,
A new Trump supporter
Is bound to be born ev’ry minute.

Yes, just like you, the Savant is still reeling from what occurred last November and he doesn't mean Thanksgiving with your crazy family. Having had several months to digest the news of what is likely the worst event of his life with the exception of the Lincoln assassination, (No, he wasn't there but his good friend Fred Douglass told him about it) he feels that true to his motto he has no option but to return from semi-retirement. 

During that hiatus from his doggerel and while seeing if his dog'll roll, sit, or beg with the proper incentive; he was lulled by the knowledge that after all, even though there were continuing tensions at home and abroad over race, religion, nativism, gender, and income inequality, we did elect the first black president, twice!

So how did we screw this one up so badly? Well, despite Mr. Trump's obsession with so-called "voter fraud," the only fraud perpetrated on the American people was one that they bought into willingly or through their own complacence. We have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked by a carnival barker, a consummate showman, who has been peddling his circus act for years. While some of us have remained outside the tent, laughing at the absurd claims and preposterous boasts but mildly entertained, we have ignored the line of paying customers scrabbling to be included under the Trump Big Top. By making vague, even contradictory, statements about what he can do for us ("Make America Great Again") and at the same time playing to our worst fears ("rapists, murderers") he makes us feel understood, appreciated, and part of something bigger and life changing.

No, it wasn't Russian hackers, Putin, James Comey, or Hillary haters that turned this election. It was our own gullibility and credulity and until we take responsibility for the outcome we will be powerless to do anything about it.

Pinheads are everywhere