Thursday, August 25, 2005

Have I got a war for you!

Just saw the movie, The Aristocrats, with my wife on Monday (bargain night at the "Seedy-Lee," our local independent film theatre). If you are not familiar with the film, it deals with the "dirtiest joke ever" which has become a sort of off stage challenge for comedic one-upsmanship among performers. Certainly a movie for acquired, if not depraved, tastes; but showing to a packed house nevertheless. I have to admit I laughed, despite myself (and my rather low rating on "vulgar" in the "3 Variable Funny Test" that you may have noted in my previous post), especially at some of the cleverer twists on the basic theme. The joke is even told as a card trick and in mime during the screening. In no way consider this an endorsement and certainly don't mistake this film for the animated Disney movie of similar title!

So, as we are leaving the theater (yes, at the end), my wife says to me, "I wonder if it has ever been told as a limerick?" Well, how could I resist such a challenge?

In order to maintain my PG-13 rating on this blog, I have posted the limerick on "The Aristocrats" joke challenge site. Do to the constraints of their posting format, I needed to expand beyond my usual limerick form, but I think the limerick within can stand on its own as well. It would probably help if you saw the movie first (still not an endorsement) and I include my usual "Get the story" link below to explain my punch line for the nightly news challenged.

Have a look if you're so inclined but please do not click on link below if:
1. You are under 18 years of age (Yeah, like that'll stop you)
2. You have delicate sensibilities (Then why are you reading this blog?)
3. You are my mother (Really, mom, please don't! I don't want to have to explain it later).

Presenting the Limerick Savant's version of The Aristocrats or
Have I got a war for you! - An Allegory

Disclaimer: There are things more obscene than sexual and scatological references. Any resemblance of characters in this joke to real persons, living or undead, is purely coincidental; but if the shoe fits...

Global Struggle against Violent Extremism: Marketing Gimmick or Ominous Turn?
Robert Higgs, The Independent Institute, 8/8/05


Cowtown Pattie said...

Haven't seen it, probably won't, but I get the joke!

Tres bon!

jon said...
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