Friday, November 17, 2006

If the show fits

Time this running back fully admitted
To the secret of just how he did it.
For those stunned by his act
There's no doubting, in fact,
Emmitt Smith, himself, deftly acquitted.

Any resemblance to any other former running back in the news
is purely intentional but does not merit further comment.

Emmitt Smith Wins ABC's 'Dancing' Title
By Erin Carlson, Associated Press Writer
The Chicago Tribune, 11/16/06


Annie said...

Hi LS, I've been remiss in my visits but needed a limerick fix this evening and came to see and read.

I missed Dancing with the Stars, partly on purpose because my husband ridicules the programs when I watch commercial T.V. I did see a little highlight of his feat (er, feet).

I want to see the Borat movie too. Maybe over the holidays, if it's playing here.

I hope you have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.


The Limerick Savant said...

Thanks, Annie. I must admit that I did not watch DWTS either but it became an apt vehicle for grinding another ax. I am saving my Thanksgiving wish for tomorrow's post.