Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Belling the cat?

We publish this urgent disclaimer
Of the fellow you knew, once, as Kramer:
If you get in his face,
He could pounce on your race
Like a lion that's turned on his tamer!

In case you miss my point:
It is easy for us to show shock and outrage at the actions of Mel Gibson, George Allen or Michael Richards; but who of us is brave enough to finally
bell the cat of racism in our society?

What Lies Beneath
By Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post, 11/22/06

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Anonymous said...

Making fun of and piling on Richards for being rude to people who were being rude to him does not "bell the cat of racism" because what we debate and make issue of is, largely, not racism. It's the consequences of free speech in a society which more than anything thinks democracy should be thrown out the window for political correctness.

Richards did nothing objectively wrong. As a private citizen in a private club, he engaged in rude behavior in response to rude behavior. The only reason all of liberal America is bending over and calling ourselves racists about it is because of white guilt and black entitlement.

Honestly, when you find yourself in a situation where the most stirring comment the racist Jesse Jackson (remember his anti-Semitic comments?) can make is "Don't buy Seinfeld Season 7!" ... what the hell are we doing?

Free speech means everyone gets offended sometime.