Thursday, October 19, 2006

Which tribe are you?

I guess this is as close to a meme as I'll ever get on this blog.

I caught most of the interview with the authors of Applebee's America yesterday on NPR and followed the link to the What's Your Tribe quiz. Imagine my surprise to find myself smack in the middle of the Red Tribe! I thought it possible I could end up in the Tipping Tribe but the dreaded Red Tribe!!!

I've always thought of myself as a bit of an iconoclast (how many people are obsessed with turning news and opinion into limericks?) so my only explanation is that I must be the exception that proves the rule (never did understand that expression). Either that, or the quiz is terribly flawed.

Anyway, I challenge my readers to take the quiz and report back on the results. Tell me if it fits with your self concept but don't let it change the way you vote in November. I certainly won't.

Conversations on Politics
Connecting with Gut Values in 'Applebee's America'
Morning Edition, NPR, 10/18/06


Annie said...

My score was 0 so I am a Blue. There you go!

I never would have figured you for a Red Tribe member.

Anonymous said...

7, Tipper.

I don't think the questions were very accurate for me - I don't buy bottled water, beer, hard liquor, or soda. I am not likely to attend either a wrestling match or a monster truck show (neither holds any appeal). I don't watch TV (including sports).

Perhaps the problem is that mouse potatoes who spend their time browsing for sources of clever limericks are so far away from the mean as to be a completely different tribe, altogether.

...We shall henceforth be known as... The Savants. :-)


Kay Dennison said...

I'm so confused! They say I'm a RED Tribeswoman! But their quiz is skewed terribly in my nor so humble opinion. I don't like any of the soft drinks mentioned and frankly, I'd rather have a beer or glsss of wine than hard likker! And I don't watch much TV. And for sure you wouldn't catch me at either pro wrestling or a monster truck rally. Truly about the only thing that applies to me is that yeah, I'll buy an instant lottery ticket on a whim. My daddy was president of his union when I was growing up -- does that tell you anything about where my political leanings might go? I think really a Tipper as I'v e never voted a straight ticket in my life and probably never will!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Me, red?

I think we been had...

Ronni Bennett said...

That quiz is sort of like voting - choosing a lesser of two evils for me, for the most part.

Too much sports, all of which I ignore. I don't drink soft drinks. And on some, I could have ticked both choices.

Nevertheless, I came up tipping tribe.