Monday, October 02, 2006

Over-friendly + under-age = big zero

Shouldn't this equation equal zero tolerance?

When a congressman tries to engage
In relations with those under-age,
Just what does it take,
For decency’s sake,
Before Hastert responds to the page?

FBI to Examine Foley's E-Mails
Hastert Calls For Independent Probe
By Charles Babington and Jonathan Weisman
The Washington Post, 10/2/06


Annie said...

One wonders, doesn't one. I really appreciated the NY Times Editorial today.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Ah, I am not disappointed! I knew you would have a zinger for this topic!

The Limerick Savant said...

Annie, thanks for the link. Those NY Times guys expressed my sentiments exactly but so much more eloquently.

Pattie, as always, glad to oblige.

Annie said...

You're welcome. I think you're pretty eloquent - and you get the whole gist in just five lines.