Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ayatollah you "no!"

"The veto is not based on constitutional or legal objections. He is vetoing it because he says he believes it is immoral. Mr. President, you are not our moral ayatollah, maybe the president, nothing more."
-----Tom Harkin (D) Senator from Iowa

Bush vetoed this bill with a grin
That masked his war-mongering twin.
Invoking morality
Just shows, in reality,
What a hypocrite Dubbaya's been.

In First Veto, Bush Blocks Stem Cell Bill
By David Stout, The New York Times, 7/19/06


Annie said...


When one reads history one sees that some people in power have often fought scientific change. It threatens the very basis of old beliefs about existence so instead of trying on some new beliefs, people try to hold back change. Change comes anyway - this research is being done elsewhere and will eventually be done here as well.

SpookyRach said...

One of my favorites, so far!