Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A request from the Savant

My 87 year old mother has just recently fallen and broken her neck and is now at home recovering. She has always been one of the Savant's most loyal fans ("only a mother could love") and is surely the source of his twisted sense of word play. I wish to do something very special for this woman to whom I owe so much. Please help me pay tribute to her and to all mothers this Sunday with a Limerick of All Mothers Marathon.

What I propose is a sort of Carnival of Moms to be hosted at this blog. Many of you will probably be posting wishes of the day on your own blogs and I ask that you send me the URLs so that I may post a link and a comment. For those of you that are not yet blogging, (why not?) please send me your Mothers' Day thoughts and I will post them as well. Naturally, I am especially interested in limericks, poems or songs to, or about, mothers; but all submissions, serious or comic, will be accepted. The submissions may be sent directly to me at limericksavantATSYMBOLgmail.com by Saturday, May 13.

Please forward this request (by clicking the envelope icon below) to anyone who you think would be interested or, better yet, post it on your blog. Thanks in advance for the support. And please don't tell mom.


Cowtown Pattie said...

I usually use Haloscan for trackback pings, but I can't get it to work with this post?

But, my link is up!

aparna said...

Hi, will post it on my blog today and will definitely send you a limerick. Best wishes to your mom so that she gets well soon.


The Limerick Savant said...

Thanks, I knew you two could be counted on.

Annie said...

Here's my first feeble, but accurate, attempt at a limerick about me and my Mom. Tip a tiny glass with us on Mother's Day!

Marki is my mother divine
We're known to toast life with some wine
Chablis or Merlot,
Rouge or Blanc, Oh
I’m a grape off the old grapevine!

aparna said...

Sent a mail. Hope you got it.

Waiting for the Carnival post. Will link from my blog.