Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Having it both ways

Bush on Immigration:

Before I get feathered and tarred,
I've sent in the National Guard
To shore up the borders,
But given them orders
To really not do it too hard.

On Immigration, Bush Seeks 'Middle Ground'
President to Send 6,000 Guard Troops to Mexican Border
By Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Weisman
The Washington Post, 5/16/06

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your title "Having It Both Ways", says it all.

On the hopeful side, perhaps some of these National Guard who are charged with observing, perhaps they will observe the over-reaching of some of the Border Patrol and report/challenge it and perhaps that will lead to some improvement in the methods used when controlling the border. There are so many horror stories of abuse and murder along the border.