Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's the infrastructure, stupid!

Shi`a, Sunni, and Kurds can't deny
That a new constitution won't fly
Unless it proceeds
To provide for the needs
Of Iraqis who barely get by.

He said that the portrayal of Iraq by Western leaders of efforts to introduce democracy, including Saturday's national vote on the country's proposed constitution was "unreal" to most of its citizens. In Baghdad, children and women were kept at home to prevent them from being kidnapped for money or sold into slavery. They faced a desperate struggle to find the money to keep generators running to provide themselves with electricity. "They aren't sitting in their front rooms discussing the referendum on the constitution."
-Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Fisk
By Nigel Morris, The Independent, 10/13/05

Iraq reconstruction shows 'limited progress'
By Tom Regan, The Christian Science Monitor, 8/26/05

Iraqi Lawmakers OK Last-Minute Amendments
By Mariam Fam, The Guardian, 10/13/05

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