Monday, May 30, 2005

For those who serve

Recyle Alert!
(reworked limerick from a previous post)

I first posted the following image in April, 2004 under the headline "Is this picture worth a thousand lives?" - an unfortunately prophetic question. Common Ground magazine made it the cover of their July, 2004 issue and they were kind enough to post my comments on it there:

Art is art and should not have to justify itself. What the viewer brings to the experience always colors the experience. In the tradition of the best of art, your image is neither didactic nor easily interpreted. As a veteran myself, I find the images of my fellow servicemen and women to be both poignant and a tribute to their willingness to serve. What wartime leader would not acknowledge that their "image" is truly built on those that serve at the frontlines? I congratulate you on creating an image whose meaning and motive is not simply discerned, unlike the subject of that image.
- The Limerick Savant

I think it bears reposting on this Memorial Day and so long as our president is willing to risk American (and Iraqi) lives in a conflict of his own making.

The War President
courtesy of Joe Wezorek at American Leftist

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