Friday, March 11, 2005

Serious radio vs. Sirius radio

Though our world seems to teeter on edge
NPR brings us down from the ledge
With grounded reporting
That calls for supporting
So, why not call back with your pledge?

My local public radio station is fund raising again so probably yours is too. Though these pledge drives annoy the hell out of me because I'm already a loyal member and supporter, and I really just want them to get back to my daily fix of All Things Considered; my irritation is tempered by a scary realization of the alternative. If my only option for commercial-free radio was paying $150 a year (not to mention the outlay for the radio itself) for Sirius radio, or one of that ilk, just to get a daily dose of Howard Stern; a pledge drive or two seems a small inconvenience. And yes, Sirius does provide news programming but the best of it still comes from their public radio offerings.

So, where would you rather invest your time and money? I've made my choice and I support serious radio!

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