Friday, March 04, 2005

No heavy lifting allowed

I received the following missive from Seany the other day:

"It is nearly three weeks" I declare
"Since you had any limericks to share"
I keep clicking my link
But I'm starting to think
That the Savant is blogging elsewhere

Posted by Seany to Limerick Savant at 3/1/2005 05:21:15 PM

The Savant is consoled to know that he has at least one fan who actually noticed his recent absence and thus feels the following explanation is due. Actually, it's a bit more complicated but, then, aren't all of our lives?

The Savant has been under the whether
His surgeon could pull him together.
He found that a hernia
Will rapidly turn ya
To thoughts that are light as a feather.

If you find that your funny bone itches
I suggest you try dropping your britches
And go under the knife.
It could well save your life
And it surely will keep you in stitches!

Click on "Get the story" to visit Seany at his blog.

1 comment:

Seany said...

I too had a hernia last year
And the pre-op thought filled me with fear
Now I’m back from the brink
Thanks a lot for the link
I’ll look forward to more posts from here!