Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"We just don't Obamacare!"

The primaries here lack no drama.
Arch-conservatives swear: "on yo' mama
I am Christian and white
And will serve the far right;
Yadayada and, I'LL FIGHT OBAMA!"

Seems that in November the President plans on standing down from office and moving to Alabama, where he will run for everything from governor to county dog-catcher; or so Republicans running in the primaries here would have you believe. Whether they have a party opponent or not in the primary, there is no discussion of issues or differences; only a game of one-upmanship on who despises the President more. And how our local Public Services Commissioner plans on stopping "ObamaCare" remains a total mystery to the Savant?

Happy Voting today, especially to those of you who live in a place where your vote might actually make a difference.

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