Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some dog, millionaire?

Michelle says the family agrees
On a Water Dog, type: Portuguese;
Cuz they're easy to train.
Hubby wishes in vain
That Republicans were such a breeze.

Obama Vows, ‘We Will Rebuild’ and ‘Recover’
Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times, 2/25/09


Anonymous said...

This is Annalisa: we met at Keith Fitch's house. I find myself impressed and heartily entertained by your limericks! Bravo.

The Limerick Savant said...

Hi, Annalisa

Thank you. I'm pleased you liked it. It's not quite on a par with the Sunday's splendid performance. I am glad for the opportunity to have met you and your creative colleagues. Best of luck and feel free to share any limericks you might be inspired to compose. You won't violate any of our rules because we have none. :-)