Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What in blazes!

Firefighters have done all they could
But smoke rises where homes lately stood.
Santa Ana's to blame
For fanning the flame
She's an ill wind that's blowing no good.

My apologies to the few but loyal fans who have noted my absence. Seems I have been preoccupied putting out some personal fires recently.

California Fires Force 500,000 From Homes
By Randal C. Archibold
The New York Times, 10/23/07


wispofacloud said...

I never stop groaning with your limericks. Awesome! Hope to see you soon.

joared said...

Your fire limerick was all too true from the first hand view of this former Buckeye now living in So. Cal.
Fortunately, the Santa Ana winds stayed relatively subdued as the firefighters neared gaining control of their flames, then finally did so.

Sorry you had "personal fires" of your own to extinguish.

BTW, do the Buckeyes by the lake pay attention to the OSU-MI game -- this never-ending saga?

Seany said...

I admit that it's been quite a while
Since I dropped by this page for a smile
I hope after your pause
For a personal cause
You'll be back posting limericks in style!

joared said...

Well, your limerick is still appropriate as we whipped up another big fire out here in So. Cal. The flames devoured many Malibu homes. And, yes, the Santa Ana winds didn't help matters any. I think we need another limerick from you.