Thursday, August 16, 2007

If I Ignored It...

would it go away?

Though the Goldmans deserve every credit
If they publish his book (with their edit,)
If I Did It 's a joke
Like no fire where there's smoke.
Would I learn something new, if I read it?

Victims’ families feud over O.J.’s ‘If I Did It’ book
Denise Brown accuses Goldmans of “commercializing blood money”
By Mike Celizic, NBC, The TODAY Show, 8/15/07

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

Great! Anyone making money from this tragedy is a travesty! Just my take!
I refuse to validate his existence by reading it.

You know he's still looking for Nicole's killer, don;t you . . , on every golf course in the country! sigh