Friday, June 23, 2006

Dried wit

Inspiration is petering out
And it’s led to a lingering doubt
That Limerick’s reign
Will suffer the bane,
Like the West, of significant drought.

July through September U.S. Summer Outlook
NOAA News, 6/20/06


Annie said...

Yes, you do have a dry wit - and I hope you will continue to cultivate it, give it just enough to drink to keep it producing in the limerick blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Savant,
Drink up some R&R and hopefully the well will runneth over once again! I'll wait.

aparna said...

No! Hope your cup of inspiration is soon restored to bountiful levels...please keep the limericks coming :))

Cowtown Pattie said...

Well, darlin', we'll just have to find you some fodder...

How about something about my favorite HBO show - "Deadwood"

You watch? I love it. Especially the Calamity Jane character. That lady can act.

Tamar said...

Oh No! Please don't go,
Limerick Savant,
We love you so!

Alan G said...

Ronni over at “Times Go By” asked that we drop by and give a few words of encouragement.

I have dropped by from time to time in the past and enjoy the humor and satire conveyed in your limericks. Hang in there – if you are suffering from a bit of the ‘writers block’ – well…this too will pass. Let me leave you with these few words of encouragement….

Although I don’t know you well
I find your limericks quite swell.
So please don’t leave
And cause us to grieve.
I'll probably just die and end up in Hell!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Alan G - uh oh! Competition!

How about a nice little contest, LS?

Come up with a subject...

How about....


A subject near and dear to me own heart.

SpookyRach said...

Found your blog through Cowtown Pattie.

You are my hero!

The Limerick Savant said...

Thank you all for your encouraging words and support. The funk (maybe brought on by a summer cold) seems to haved lifted and I think I am ready to resume my self-elected duties. And isn't it amazing how our work and personal lives have a way of interfering with our true calling.

Aparna, thanks for keeping up with the the limerick end of things in my absence.

Annie, Tamar, mikmik, and new discoveries, Alan and spookyrach; I truly appreciate the fan support.

And dear sweet Pattie, thanks for the thoughtful and funny post at your blog. I did take mikmik's advice on R&R and just finished gorging on the whole second season of Deadwood on DVD. Trying now to persuade a friend with HBO to record this season for me. But writing a clean limerick about "Swearin' Gent" and the rest may be beyond even the Savant's verbal powers.

joared said...

Hey there, Buckeye! I drop by quite often, but may not have left many comments though I've enjoyed your limericks.

Is there anything about the great state of Ohio, Cleveland, Lake Erie, etc.,etc. you should be sharing with your readers?? ;) Is Erie clean now?

Why would you want to write about Texas when you can write about Ohio?? ;-)
Oops! Hope Cowtown Pattie doesn't read this.

Is Cedar Point still going strong? Heard they had a humdinger of a roller coaster, but I don't ride those things.

Glad you're better, but thought I'd better get myself over here after reading, TGB, belatedly, today.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Savant,
Glad to see you are no longer restive, but rested, relaxed, and on the prowl for more points to be so finely drawn. Thanks for your thoughtful link to my as yet limited presence in cyberspace. I'm workin' on markin' out my territory - soon hopefully.
Would you and Mrs. Savant have time for a bike ride this weekend?