Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nuts! to the Squirrel

I'm so pleased that you mentioned my site.
Will I lose any sleep over spite?
You can say want you want
About the Savant,
Just so long as you get the link right.

"Worst Blog Ever"
Rico the Squirrel, Shut Yer Blog, 12/12/04


Graham Lester said...

I checked out that squirrel citation
But sadly he's in hibernation
His hits were so poor
That his blogspot's no more
He must have gone nuts with frustration

The Limerick Savant said...

I'm afraid that it's not what you think,
Though the news would have tickled me pink.
It seems my referral
To Rico the Squirrel
Was merely a slip of the link.

I confess I am unsympapthetic
To the Squirr'l and his acid aesthetic
If only this nut
Could keep his blog shut,
The justice would be most poetic.

[The link should now work]

Graham Lester said...

So now I can see what transpired
At Blogspot refreshing's required
Though he disses your verse
He likes Dave Barry worse
A thought that should keep you inspired