Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Revisionist Nursery Rhyme

Little Abdullah sat with his mullah
Saying his evening prayers.
Along came George Bush and booted his tush
Right down the minaret stairs.

So Little Bin Laden, feeling quite mad, in-
Formed George Bush, "You are done!
I'm sending a list to my terrorists;
The bombing begins 9-1-1.

Said Bush to George W., "Don't let it trouble ya;
I know how to get them all back.
Just trump up a link and let people think
Al-Qaida's in bed with Iraq."

So Dubbaya said, "Osama's in bed
With Saddam, who's a real nasty guy!"
And started a war to give him "what for,"
But, of course, it's all based on a lie.

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